Baby Makes 3….errrr, plus a Pup.

As many of you know I am PREGNANT!! To say I am excited just seems like such a cliche thing to describe this feeling. My husband, Matt, and I have wanted to have a baby very badly… we have not been fortunate in taking the easy road to get here, although I will say I know many who have had a more difficult struggle than us….but any struggle when it comes to something so intimate and personal is one that can test you. 

To make a long story short…if thats possible, I had recently been diagnosed with PCOS -polycystic ovary syndrome. This is a condition I have most likely had for some time now and answered many questions I had to why I was not getting pregnant. Unfortunately much time was wasted with my previous OBGYN, because her solution was for me to get pregnant or on birth control. This doesn't make sense to you does it?! Backing up…I have always had awful periods, two weeks of heavy bleeding…so this was an issue that was ongoing. 

After taking my mom's advice I switched OBGYN and she immediately diagnosed me with PCOS, getting me on Metformin to get me to ovulate and on birth control to control my periods to a normal amount….so once I was regular we could start to try again. I also combined my doctors prescription with acupuncture, who happened to be a specialist in fertility and PCOS. 

What do you know, a month of being off birth control, a month of acupuncture and 6 months of metformin…. I got pregnant!!! I can't help but see the struggle as a lesson and a path that led to me being able to slow down and enjoy this moment.

Now onto the fun stuff….. Matt had encouraged me to take a pregnancy test earlier than I probably wanted to….plus I was leaving town, and as soon as I returned he left town…so I didn't want to be alone if it said yes or no. I took the test prior to leaving town anyways….it was an obvious first line, but the second line was so faded I thought i was just trying to pretend their was a line… so we left it as most likely a no. 

Cut to four days later, and two more tests that had the exact faded second line. I decide to go and buy a digital test, mind you Matt has no clue I am still taking the tests. I go and take the test, throw it in my purse and head out to run errands…. I head into TJ Maxx ( those of you who know me, will not be surprised that I went here ) and remember to look at the test about 30 minutes later, I look down and see it says PREGNANT!!! I put my hand over my mouth in utter excitement trying not to scream in the store…then I wander around in a daze… and happen to stumble upon the sweetest stuffed lamb. I buy it. Duh. 

I called my friend Faith Tyrell and told her the news, because she was the only one that knew I had even taken a pregnancy test. It felt so good to say it out loud and share it with her. Then I headed around town to a multitude of places in search of a sweet way to surprise Matt with the exciting news….Matt came home around midnight, so I left the light on in the room so he'd see it!

How I told Matt...

Matt was stunned and woke me up to ask if it was real.

Matt was stunned and woke me up to ask if it was real.

For those of you who truly know me, you know I speak to my mother a million times of day….I now I have to keep this a secret from  my mom until Christmas. Reason being my sister had just told our family she was pregnant on Thanksgiving…. It was just best to wait and let everyone know when we'd already been to the doctor to confirm.

That leads to the other fun in this journey….my sister and I had the same OBGYN and the day I was to do a blood test, Lara had her own ultrasound! So with the help of the nurses, we made sure our paths didn't cross that day, as to keep it a surprise for her too!

Cut to Christmas aka five weeks of fibbing to my mom.

Matt and I had mulled over the million cute ways we could tell our families….but after talking to Victoria Stratton, she told me the best way I had heard to date…. Pretend to take a picture of your family, while actually recording the whole time….then when said photographer says 'say cheese', you announce you are pregnant….keep rolling film.

Here is the Litton side's reaction...

Here is the Tribble side's reaction…. (please forgive that its is sideways)

To top off the excitement, I get to share my pregnancy right along side my sister. She are I are about 2.5 weeks apart. These cousins will be best friends, I am so lucky to share this experience with her. I copied her when we were little, and now I've gone and done it again.

It is only fitting that we filmed the gender reveal as well. But first, a little background on how I decided to surprise my husband….without revealing the gender to myself.

I went by my doctors office to pick up the envelope that had the gender in it. I knew the next stop had to be Lauren Alexandra ( my favorite boutique in KC for the sweetest baby gear ). I went in and spoke with the owner and told her I would like to pick out a girl gift and a boy gift…. upon that I handed my credit card over and left. She opened the envelope and purchased the gift that matched the gender, wrapped it up tight and sent me on my way!

I headed home to my house, anxiously waited for my husband to come home….felt like torture if I am being honest. 

Here is the result of the gender reveal...

ITS A GIRL!! We are so happy and I can't wait to meet her.  Matt will be the best daddy.

Only took three bags to find all of the letters, many conversation hearts were eaten to make this.

Only took three bags to find all of the letters, many conversation hearts were eaten to make this.

We thank everyone for all of the many prayers, I know modern medicine and eastern medicine did its job, but I know prayer played a large part and it does not go unnoticed.