Christmas Wish List

I am always getting texts, emails, and questions about what my favorite products are…. along with 'what should I ask for for Christmas?'…..well call me Mrs Claus!! Here you are. Please note I had to narrow it down….there is a ton that didn't make the list. After the New Year I will try and do another list. Happy shopping and gifting. Please give me feedback after purchasing and trying your new products!



This palette is everything!!! I love the equal balance of matte and shimmer. There are plenty of neutrals for the girls that are nervous to play in the bold colors… I must say the Navy and Pomegranate colors are my fav. Please give them a whirl. For $59, sold exclusively at ULTA this is a MUST for your wish list.



I swear by this product. I love the name, SLAY ALL DAY!! It truly is the best setting spray I have found on the market. The scents are heavenly. I own the Lavender and Green Tea, I plan to order Jasmine and Cucumber my next purchase. They are $22 and sold on Gerard Cosmetics website. 



The Facial Radiance pads are a must on my face everyday…. what I love about these pads is that they are strong enough to get rid of my oil, but still do not dry out my skin! I can not put on makeup without using one. They are $30 for 60 pads….UMMMMM Steallllll!! 

The Purifying Mask is a peel away mask, I can use this at least twice a month. What I love about this mask is that when you peel it off its like a Biore Nose strip for your entire face!! My skin feels detoxed and softer than ever….with no breakouts like some masks cause. $30 as well. Both can be found at ULTA and Sephora.



Winter is coming….don't forget to apply a little color so you don't blend with the snow!! Tarte's Brazilliance Plus is exactly the right color, not orange and not green…its brown!! I love that it comes with a mitt and that you get immediate color…and it still builds through the day.

Shape Tape is LIFEEEEEEE! Ladies, run, don't walk to go buy this concealer!! I am obsessed. Coverage is amazing, texture is butter, build-ability is easy and I love the applicator. you have to order online…last I checked it was sold out at ULTA.



Marc Jacobs nailed the eyeliner game with these bad boys. What I love most is the fact they stay ALL DAY, don't smudge at all….but still look smooth and creamy. The colors are striking. Brown Out is the best brown eyeliner on the market…it has the perfect amount of shimmer and isn't too brown. Available at Sephora. Do yourself a favor and buy two shades!!



Ok… Ill admit I didn't see the hype in these lashes. I actually worried the base of the strip was too thick….it is thick, but if applied correctly its not noticeable at all. I bought the style Samantha and I haven't look back. For someone like me who wears lashes frequently I like to be able to wear them a few times before I toss them… 5 wears and they can definitely be worn 20 more!! Worth the money… and I will be purchasing other styles and a back up pair of Samantha's because I would die without them. HUDA, I love you. 



Heavenly Skin™ CC+™ Skin-   Perfecting Brush #702

Heavenly Skin™ CC+™ Skin-   Perfecting Brush #702

I don't own this brush yet, its on my wish list…. BUT I own at least 10 It Cosmetics Brushes, and they are soooooo good. blending is easy as pie with this brand,

Now, what intrigues me about this particular brush is that this is what it claims...

What it is:
A revolutionary brush featuring patent-pending, skincare-infused brush hair for flawless-looking skin and makeup.

What it does:
This revolutionary, skin-perfecting brush features patent-pending Heavenly Skin™ hair infused with antiaging collagen, silk, peptides, niacin, and antioxidants. The innovative brush technology improves the look of your skin upon application and delivers beautiful results every time. Pair it with your favorite skin care products, and loose or pressed color-infused skin care powders, and experience how the custom-cut, dome-shaped brush head optically blurs away the appearance of lines, pores, and imperfections for an airbrushed, flawless finish. 

What else you need to know:
This product was developed with plastic surgeons and dermatologists. It is clinically tested and cruelty-free. It is suitable even for the most sensitive skin types.

For $58 at this brush better do exactly that!!




For my girls who need their makeup to stay all day… let me introduce you to Spackle. The Original is amazing… I recently ventured into using Etheral for an added glow, and I am in love. Friendly tip, let the product COMPLETELY dry before putting foundation on.





My Halo (my 3 Halo's actually) is my best friend. Girls, stop wasting your money on clip in extensions. These extensions are DAMAGE FREE!! After years of wearing the glued, beaded and clip in…I was damn near bald. Now my hair is healthy and growing, all because of my Halo. I still get the volume and length I love but I take it off a night and let my hair breathe! Please look in my contacts page for Heather Bosler's info to get your Halo today!




I have tried many foundations in my life… but what I wear on a daily basis is YSL Touchet. The coverage is so build-able and creamy. I also like to mix with mu face lotion for more of a BB/CC cream affect. Worth every penny.



I constantly hear from girls that their curls do not stay…well let me introduce you to KENRA Thermal Setting Spray. Product can be your best friend when trying to achieve curls. This product works on all hair types. It is available at ULTA.




Tired mamas raise your hands…. I received this product in my IPSY bag and I actually went and ordered it again. Three sets of under eye patches come in this, for $10! I loved that they stayed on my face, and that they were cooling! I truly feel more awake and that my eyes are less puffy every time I use them. Great stocking stuffer item for a friend, sister, mom or grandma.




This is my favorite purchase I have made in a long time. I don't recommend this as an everyday palette unless you are a true Makeup Junkie. The colors are PIGMENTED. what I love most about this palette is the 'textured' colors… they are made to go on with your fingers, not a brush. You won't get all of the luster out of them unless you apply with your fingers… let me tell you right now they are stunning. This palette is made for fun… and risk!! So go take it!! 


Baby Makes 3….errrr, plus a Pup.

As many of you know I am PREGNANT!! To say I am excited just seems like such a cliche thing to describe this feeling. My husband, Matt, and I have wanted to have a baby very badly… we have not been fortunate in taking the easy road to get here, although I will say I know many who have had a more difficult struggle than us….but any struggle when it comes to something so intimate and personal is one that can test you. 

To make a long story short…if thats possible, I had recently been diagnosed with PCOS -polycystic ovary syndrome. This is a condition I have most likely had for some time now and answered many questions I had to why I was not getting pregnant. Unfortunately much time was wasted with my previous OBGYN, because her solution was for me to get pregnant or on birth control. This doesn't make sense to you does it?! Backing up…I have always had awful periods, two weeks of heavy bleeding…so this was an issue that was ongoing. 

After taking my mom's advice I switched OBGYN and she immediately diagnosed me with PCOS, getting me on Metformin to get me to ovulate and on birth control to control my periods to a normal amount….so once I was regular we could start to try again. I also combined my doctors prescription with acupuncture, who happened to be a specialist in fertility and PCOS. 

What do you know, a month of being off birth control, a month of acupuncture and 6 months of metformin…. I got pregnant!!! I can't help but see the struggle as a lesson and a path that led to me being able to slow down and enjoy this moment.

Now onto the fun stuff….. Matt had encouraged me to take a pregnancy test earlier than I probably wanted to….plus I was leaving town, and as soon as I returned he left town…so I didn't want to be alone if it said yes or no. I took the test prior to leaving town anyways….it was an obvious first line, but the second line was so faded I thought i was just trying to pretend their was a line… so we left it as most likely a no. 

Cut to four days later, and two more tests that had the exact faded second line. I decide to go and buy a digital test, mind you Matt has no clue I am still taking the tests. I go and take the test, throw it in my purse and head out to run errands…. I head into TJ Maxx ( those of you who know me, will not be surprised that I went here ) and remember to look at the test about 30 minutes later, I look down and see it says PREGNANT!!! I put my hand over my mouth in utter excitement trying not to scream in the store…then I wander around in a daze… and happen to stumble upon the sweetest stuffed lamb. I buy it. Duh. 

I called my friend Faith Tyrell and told her the news, because she was the only one that knew I had even taken a pregnancy test. It felt so good to say it out loud and share it with her. Then I headed around town to a multitude of places in search of a sweet way to surprise Matt with the exciting news….Matt came home around midnight, so I left the light on in the room so he'd see it!

How I told Matt...

Matt was stunned and woke me up to ask if it was real.

Matt was stunned and woke me up to ask if it was real.

For those of you who truly know me, you know I speak to my mother a million times of day….I now I have to keep this a secret from  my mom until Christmas. Reason being my sister had just told our family she was pregnant on Thanksgiving…. It was just best to wait and let everyone know when we'd already been to the doctor to confirm.

That leads to the other fun in this journey….my sister and I had the same OBGYN and the day I was to do a blood test, Lara had her own ultrasound! So with the help of the nurses, we made sure our paths didn't cross that day, as to keep it a surprise for her too!

Cut to Christmas aka five weeks of fibbing to my mom.

Matt and I had mulled over the million cute ways we could tell our families….but after talking to Victoria Stratton, she told me the best way I had heard to date…. Pretend to take a picture of your family, while actually recording the whole time….then when said photographer says 'say cheese', you announce you are pregnant….keep rolling film.

Here is the Litton side's reaction...

Here is the Tribble side's reaction…. (please forgive that its is sideways)

To top off the excitement, I get to share my pregnancy right along side my sister. She are I are about 2.5 weeks apart. These cousins will be best friends, I am so lucky to share this experience with her. I copied her when we were little, and now I've gone and done it again.

It is only fitting that we filmed the gender reveal as well. But first, a little background on how I decided to surprise my husband….without revealing the gender to myself.

I went by my doctors office to pick up the envelope that had the gender in it. I knew the next stop had to be Lauren Alexandra ( my favorite boutique in KC for the sweetest baby gear ). I went in and spoke with the owner and told her I would like to pick out a girl gift and a boy gift…. upon that I handed my credit card over and left. She opened the envelope and purchased the gift that matched the gender, wrapped it up tight and sent me on my way!

I headed home to my house, anxiously waited for my husband to come home….felt like torture if I am being honest. 

Here is the result of the gender reveal...

ITS A GIRL!! We are so happy and I can't wait to meet her.  Matt will be the best daddy.

Only took three bags to find all of the letters, many conversation hearts were eaten to make this.

Only took three bags to find all of the letters, many conversation hearts were eaten to make this.

We thank everyone for all of the many prayers, I know modern medicine and eastern medicine did its job, but I know prayer played a large part and it does not go unnoticed.

Golden Globes- Red Carpet Rundown

Its award season, and that means the stars are out to impress!! This can provide tons of inspiration for pageant gowns as well! I will be reviewing all of the gowns I LOVED, not the misses. There are too many fabulous ones to waste time on the bad, BUT there is ONE that stood out heads above the rest…which one will win my best dressed award?? Read to find out!

A Ray of Sunshine

Naomi Watts- Gucci                                         Jenna Dewan-Tatum- Carolina Herrera                               Leslie Mann- Unknown

Naomi Watts- Gucci                                         Jenna Dewan-Tatum- Carolina Herrera                               Leslie Mann- Unknown

I loved seeing a burst of spring on the gloomy rainy day in Hollywood. Naomi wore a very age appropriate dress and fit beautifully…although I could have done without the snake around her neck! Jenna is stunning in pale yellow, I love the lux fabric on this dress. I personally think Leslie Mann wins this battle of yellow. This is how to do a straight across neckline, ad a bit of a curve upwards and BOOM….fits like a glove! She definitely picked the perfect shade of yellow for herself and adding the emerald earrings takes it to the next level! 

Ball gowns

Anna Kendrik- Monique Lhuillier                           Allison Williams- Armani Prive                             Salma Hayek- Alexander McQueen

Anna Kendrik- Monique Lhuillier                           Allison Williams- Armani Prive                             Salma Hayek- Alexander McQueen

I've been in love with ball gowns since Olivia Culpo came on stage at Miss Universe looking like a Holiday Barbie Collectors item! The things I look for in a ball gowns are a fitted waist, a touch of whimsy and the feeling that a princess would wear it. Anna had to do a ball gown after playing the part of Cinderella in Into the Woods. I like that she didn't go "costume" with it and spiced it up with beautiful/bold burgundy beadwork. Salma made a an ivory  ball gown not look like a wedding dress, this was because of the fabric choice and the liquid silver belt. The winner of this category hands down goes to Allison Williams. This picture does not do the gown justice at all! The ruffles were immaculate, the beads were these tiny red crystal cubes….the man hours that were put into this couture piece of art are ridiculous. She was in my top five favorite gowns of the night.

Royal Blue Beauties

Maria Menounos- Gabriela Cadena                 Julia Goldani Telles- Unkown                                    Nancy O'Dell- Angel Sanchez

Maria Menounos- Gabriela Cadena                 Julia Goldani Telles- Unkown                                    Nancy O'Dell- Angel Sanchez

 Royal blue is one of my favorite colors in the whole world, so I love seeing women rock it on the red carpet. Maria wore what I'd call a pageant type gown fro sure. I'm sure we will see this neckline on the pageant stage sooner than later. Julia is wearing the fabric of the season, taffeta! This fabric used to be thought of for bad bridesmaids dresses, and now its being used to make clean crisp gowns with lots of bold colors. My favorite in this category goes  to, all hail the queen, Nancy O'Dell. Lets ignore the fact that she doesn't age and that her body is fabulous at her age (which is 48)… she always dresses how she wants to dress. I always love added flair/drama to a simple gown. The sleeve draping on the back takes this gown to the next level, and Nancy is posing in it perfectly!


Diane Kruger-  Emilia Wickstead                           Chrissy Teigen-  Zuhair Murad                              Julianne Moore- Givenchy Couture

Diane Kruger-  Emilia Wickstead                           Chrissy Teigen-  Zuhair Murad                              Julianne Moore- Givenchy Couture

Glistening from head to toe is always a good look on the red carpet. Diane is wearing a gown that feels old school glamour, but also feels like its from the future. I love that the designer cut the armholes in a manner that covers that unsightly armpit fat we all hate. Chrissy is a model, so everything looks amazing on her…probably even a blanket looks good on her! This Zuhair Murad gown is what I think of when I think of couture, every bead was thought out. The back was low, to compensate for the conservative front. While I love this gown, I would have loved to see it in black or gunmetal grey. Julianne Moore was not only a winner of the Globe, but she is winning in  my book right now with this gown. This gown is perfect for her, from the color to the cut to the ombre feathers. I've always said "more is more" and Moore is MORE in this Givenchy gown!

….and the 1st and 2nd runners up are

Kate Hudson- Versace                                                                                        Jessica Chastain- Atelier Versace

Kate Hudson- Versace                                                                                        Jessica Chastain- Atelier Versace

All I can say is WOW, both Kate and Jessica look amazing in their Versace gowns. One of my favorite styles to wear and design is a plunging halter. This is such a flattering neckline, because it lengthens your whole body! Kate is giving complete sex appeal and that is why she is my 2nd runner up. While I die for this gown, I think this gown is probably better suited for a different event. Jessica is giving me everything I look for in a red carpet gown. She exudes old Hollywood glamour and owned the night in this metallic number. There are not too many people that could wear this color, way to go Jessica!

The Best Dressed

                         Jennifer Lopez- Zuhair Murad

                         Jennifer Lopez- Zuhair Murad

Now this is a G O W N people!! Zuhair Murad wasn't holding back when designing this masterpiece. The beadwork on this gown compliments the fit, without it the gown could have looked boxy and heavy. Jennifer always knows how to dress her body, she showed just the right amount of skin and matched her H&MU perfectly to the overall look. This gown is going to make the rest of award season very difficult to watch, I am going to say right now that is will be hard to top this fantastical frock. 


Please leave your favorites below in the comments!

My first entry...

Hi beauties!! Bear with me, as I have never considered myself a blogger. I am comfortable saying my opinion on how I feel, with no apologies. I hope to write not only about beauty products and applications, but so much more, such as pageants, fashion, food, home decor, current events and  anything that comes to mind.

I would love feed back along the way about what I can write about that interests you. I want to keep everything positive and would ask the negative nancy's of the world to take a hike! A blog should be fun. 

My next post will be a product review of the newest makeup I am using....Stay tuned!

XOXO- Ashley Reneé